There are many different reasons to come for Reiki and different intentions you may have for the sessions.        I love the energy and initial impressions of a first time participant who shares their experience following a sound healing experience.


Anyone who is curious, follow your intuition, it is guiding you to a possible awakening in your life journey! That is so exciting to me and I am looking forward to serve/help/assist !  As many others as I can!                 

 Most people want to live their life their own way... not how anyone says they should. 

Meditation, Sound Healing and Reiki are worthwhile and will heal you.  You will feel a sense of well being with balanced chakras.  Come meet me and select what modality you are drawn to.   You might have specific areas that you’d like Reiki to concentrate on.  In time all modalities promote healing and balance chakras for conditions such as…Relief from a hectic, stressful job or chaotic lifestyle.  Feeling trapped or blocked from exploring your own passions or bucket list. Alleviation of a physical ache or pain.  Lack the feeling of connection to spirit or spirituality. Desiring to figure out a concern on  your mind  and to have mental clarity.  Peacefulness when you are in grief. If you see an MD for therapeutic support and hate side effects.  Instant relief from some participants anxiety or feeling easily wound up or reactive.  Don't Feel alone if you know you need help with growing a greater self-love or to boost your self-esteem. Letting some people go that are negative in any way when you spend time with them is hard! Meditate on it. Anyone who is in their readiness for change stage.