Share about me:

quote:  "Guide me and heal me so I may be of greater service to others".

Most of my life I have worked in the medical field.  I am grateful on my life journey and am so proud that no matter what I have always been true to myself and faithful to my intuition. I will continue learning more about myself and my life's purpose with every experience. 

I embrace meditation and desire to help more people learn how to meditate or to strengthen their meditation practice.  I Also love to share Reiki and Sound Healing. 

Bringing joy to others lives brings me so much joy in MY life.   Promoting self love and mindfulness is a way I am helpful . 

I believe communities of people need more of a "sense of well being" these days. 

I have a special fixed energy and I honestly feel joy when can be the conduit with life's universal energy to help others relax and release what no longer serves them in life. 


I want you to know that your Reiki work is amazing and certainly helped me to feel more whole and

complete.  Your work in this area is beautiful and empowering. You are such a joy to be with and

such a powerful and nurturing soul.  I consider it an honor to be in your presence!  You are so rare

of a find, compliments to you for your  authenticity and your skill and care for me.  C. A.


I have noticed that my driving and standing in line at the grocery store anxiety is gone. It took me a couple

days for it to sink in that the sound vibrations were deep in my subconscious but I had no anxiety today

and I have ALWAYS had issues with that. I am looking forward to our next session. This has really given me

a new outlook and I don't know how I can thank you enough!  S.G.